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Cardale Jones + Tom Herman = A Perfect Match for 2016?

Cardale Jones has announced he's not returning to OSU next season? Is he going to the NFL or could he attempt to improve his draft stock at Houston with his old OC? Credit: Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Cardale Jones has announced he’s not returning to OSU next season? Is he going to the NFL or could he attempt to improve his draft stock at Houston with his old OC?
Credit: Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

No. 7 Ohio State Buckeyes, know they’ll face No. 8 Notre Dame in the 2016 BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl.

And while the outcome of the game is unpredictable, the answer is anyone’s guess, on the future of Cardale Jones.

After the Buckeyes home finale against Michigan State, Jones posted a picture on Instagram telling fans that was his final appearance in scarlet and grey at Ohio Stadium.

And while he didn’t say what he planned on doing after this season, it’s only right to speculate his future.

Realistically, there are only two paths Jones will take: Either transfer to another university or turn pro.




Although he became a Buckeye legend during his performance as the third-string quarterback, during the 2014-15 season, he never performed at that potential this season.

Former Ohio State offensive coordinator and current Houston Cougars football coach Tom Herman is the “mastermind” behind the quarterback performances last year of both J.T. Barrett and Jones.

Herman and Houston came to an agreement in principle that is keeping the coach in the Space City for at least one more season.

When the news came out, Herman noted that he didn’t see any bumps that would effect negotiations.

“These things take twists and turns along the way as they sometimes do, but I don’t anticipate that happening,” Herman said.

Cougars starting quarterback, Greg Ward Jr., is only a junior, but Jones may have the upside and passing skill set to win the job. Of course, that is if he decides to transfer to Houston.

Or, he could decide to play for another coach. Surely, Jones would have a handful of programs to choose from.


Turning Pro:


After watching Jones play in the Buckeyes final three games last season, it became apparent he was by far the most NFL-built quarterback on OSU’s roster.

Size and arm strength cannot be taught to a quarterback, so his natural gift is something an NFL franchise would want. An ideal fit would be with a team that can let Jones learn from an experienced veteran.

Without a doubt, Jones is not a day one starter in the NFL. With 11 starts to his name, he lacks not only a full regular season of play, but also game time experience.

Being pulled from the Northern Illinois and Penn State games just shows how much he still needs to learn. And with the struggles the Buckeyes have had at quarterback this season, it just shows how important Herman was to not only the quarterbacks, but the overall success of the teams offense.




At the end of the day, an NFL team will take a chance on Jones. Right now, he could be drafted as early as the third-round, (assuming a team is willing to take a chance on potential), to possibly not even being drafted.

The opportunity to still play in college and to play for a coach that is capable of developing pro-style quarterbacks would have to be somewhat enticing. Outside of performing horribly, thus possibly losing a once promising NFL future, nothing worse could come from the decision.

Urban Meyer has shown the ability to successfully coach dual-threat quarterbacks, but not a pro-style one like Jones.

I believe that Jones will transfer and play for another university. If that happens, he’ll not only attend a program that has the right system for him, but who also has coaches who will help turn his career around.

Jones will most likely wait until after the Buckeyes season concludes to announce his future. But taking a path with a familiar face like Herman or a different coach wouldn’t be the worst decision he’s ever made.

Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Schiano is Ohio State’s new DC – Updated

5:22 p.m – Ohio State confirms the hiring of associate head coach/safeties coach Greg Schiano.


Pending approval form the Ohio State University Board of Trustees, Greg Schiano has been hired as the replacement for coach Chris Ash, who has been Co-Defensive coordinator from 2013-2015. Ash was recently hired as the new head coach at Rutgers, a program Schiano coached at from 2001-2011.


‘Greg Schiano is an excellent coach,” Meyer said. “He is someone I have known for quite some time now and someone who is going to calling with our staff extremely well. I think he will be outstanding as a coach and mentor in our program and I ma pleased to have him on our staff.”


OSU says that Schiano will “work alongside” Co-Defensive coordinator Luke Fickell. No further information has been announced as to who will have the ultimate call on decisions at the time.




Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Rutgers head coach is Greg Schiano is set to become the newest Buckeye, replacing Ohio State Co-Defensive coordinator/safeties coach Chris Ash, who was named Rutgers head coach, according to Adam Scheffer of ESPN.




Out of the coaching game for two seasons as an analyst with ESPN, Schiano comes to Columbus with a decade of success with the Scarlet Knights, posting a 68-67 record in his 10 years with the program. His most successful season came in 2006, where he led the program to a 11-2 record and a win over Kansas State in the Texas Bowl.


Urban Meyer makes splash hire; replaces Chris Ash with Greg Schiano

Credit: USATSI


During his tenure Rutgers, Schiano had five top-50 recruiting classes and posted a 5-1 record in postseason play. He would become the first former NFL head coach to serve as an assistant on an Urban Meyer coached football team.


At this time Oho State had not commented on this report.

D’Angelo Russell will be the bust of the ’15 draft class


When you watch sport news like ESPN, listen to sport talk radio or read various sport articles, the word “bust” tends to come up the most, when referring to the NBA or at least that’s how I’ve always perceived it. Because there’s only two rounds in the NBA Draft, it leaves more pressure for executives and scouts to get their picks correct, otherwise, the pick will be considered a bust.

In recent years, players like Derrick Williams, and Anthony Bennett have been labeled as busts, as they’ve didn’t live up to their potential as the number-two and one picks, respecitvely in their drafts. Both today serve as reserve role players on there respective teams.

But Players like Jan Vessely and Jimmer Ferdette, of the 2010 draft are true busts of the past decade, as they’re no longer in the league.

So how does that fit into the 2015 draft?

No. 1 pick Karl Anthony-Townes and No. 3 pick Jahlil Okafor have shown promise, along with the other top-10 picks, except for D’Angelo Russell, former Ohio State Buckeye and current Los Angeles Laker.


Credit: USA Today Sports Images

Credit: USA Today Sports Images


Russell has shown very few highlights between summer league, preseason and his first two regular season games. And being only 19, he still has a lot of room to go grow. Over the past decade, general manager Mitch Kupchack has drafted 16 players drafted who have ever worn the purple and gold. But his overall drafting record speaks less than how the players performed.

Andrew Bynum – ’05
Ronny Turiaf – ’05
Von Wafer – ’05
Jordan Farmar – ’06
Jordan Ebanks – ’10
Derrick Character – ’10
Daruis Morris – ’11
Andrew Goudleock – ’11
Darius Johnson-Odom – ’12
Robert Sacre – ’12
Ryan Kelly – ’13
Julius Randle -’14
Jordan Clarkson – ’14
D’Angelo Russell – ’15
Larry Nance Jr. – ’15
Anthony Brown – ’15

Of those 16, every player from the 2012 to 2015, (except Johnson-Odom), are on the Lakers. Additionally, every player listed prior to Sacre is no longer in the league.

Of all the players selected in the top-10, most league personnel believed that Russell would have the hardest transition to the NBA.

Prior to Russell’s arrival in the NBA, I personally didn’t think he’d be a superstar or an impact scorer. At Ohio State, he was the focal point of the team, but he wasn’t a 20 ppg type of player. His athleticism and ability to find open passing lanes is how Russell made a name for himself. And personally, I believe he can make the transition into being a great distributer.

But for the Lakers, Russell is not the next Kobe or Magic.

He has the ability to be a special player and Byron Scott is the type of coach that he needs, it’s just going to take a couple years. But by that time, Kupchack and even Scott maybe out of Tinseltown.

Urban Meyers image is on the line

Before Ohio State fans cared about Urban Meyer as a coach, he dealt with many troubled players at Florida.

Aaron Hernandez, Janoris Jenkins, Cam Newton, Chris Raney are a few players that have had issues at Florida and post college. In his time with the Gators, Meyer was known the not severely discipline his athletes at times, to the degree of the crime they had committed.
When he took the job with the Buckeyes, he vowed to make changes and to correct his past mistakes that led to the collapse of the Gator program in his tenure, in Gainsville.
Buckeye players have gotten in trouble in the four seasons he’s been head coach, but he has finally become the center attention of the college football universe again.
J.T. Barrett has always been spoken of highly by Meyer, his other coaches and teammates. And his excepting of been benched, to begin the 2015-16 season after becoming the Big Ten’s leader in touchdowns responsible for in a regular season and leading Ohio State to a 11-1 regular season record  in his freshman season, was truly professional.
On Satruday, Barrett was cited by Columbus police with a misdemeanor offense of OVI. Meyer has since suspended Barrett from OSU’s Nov. 7 game vs. Minnesotta. Because this was considered a misdemeanor, he must be suspended for at least one game, according to Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith.
However, Barrett is under 21 and in accordance with Ohio State’s student-athlete drug and alcohol policy, he could could’ve been subjected to a two-week suspension. So if Meyer wants to suspend Barrett for the Nov. 14 game at Illinois, he can.

The question is, will he?
This is why a lot of attention is and will be on Meyer over the next two weeks. Should he punish his star quarterback and receive negative attention from fans and media, or should he allow Barrett to play because his arrest was only considered a misdemeanor?
It’s possible Meyer will take the full two weeks to decide whether or not Barrett will play against the Fighting Illini. If history is to repeat itself, one could assume that Barrett will play. But if Meyer claims he’s a changed man, one could assume he would not play because Barrett was not legally old enough to drink.
The Buckeye football team should be the spotlight of college football for the next two weeks, pending any announcement made by Meyer before then.
Personally, I believe that any announcement will come after the Golden Gophers game the following Monday, as he won’t want to take any attention away from that game and address the situation at the appropriate time.

Meyers next press conference is scheduled for Nov. 2 at approximately 11:45 a.m. EST

Why Terelle Pryor will make the Cleveland Browns roster

Since the days of Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow Jr., the Cleveland Browns have lacked the type of receiver that they can rely on.
Sure, Josh Gordon is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL today, but factor in his drug-related issues and speeding occurences, and he’s a deceptive player who just gets into the wrong situation at the worst time. And not knowing if he’ll ever suit up for the Browns is something that won’t be known until next season.
While Pyror has yet to take a snap at wide receiver in a preseason game for the Browns this season, he has things certain characteristics that you cannot teach any athlete.

  1. Athleticism – Playing quarterback his entire life, Pryor was able to overcome opponents with his freakish athleticism. Rushing for over 2,000 yards in his three seasons at Ohio State, he shouldn’t have any problem adjusting to the position, at least based on his speed.
  2. Height – Speaks for itself. The 6-foot-4 wide receiver should be able to adjust in his new position. But never playing wide receiver in his career and only having committed to the posistion this past off-season, he shouldn’t have much of an impact, as he’s only a project for now.
  3. Ability to play multiple positions – a facet more known in the college game, but with the Browns current quarterback situation and Johnny Manziel’s sore shoulder, it would be wise to keep Pryor as the teams third quarterback. And having played for Browns offensive coordinator John DeFilippo in Oakland as the quartetbacks coach can only help his chance, should the Browns carry three quarterbacks into the season opener against the New York Jets.

On Monday, the Browns cut WR Shane Wynn, leaving 10 receivers on the current roster. Dwayne Bowe, Taylor Gabriel, Josh Gordon, Brian Hartline and Andrew Hawkins are the only locks to make the team.
Fourth round draft pick Vince Mayle could be one of the remaing five receivers on the team to be cut and placed on the practice squad, after his performance in his three preseason games. But like Pryor, Mayle is considered a project. He’s only 6-foot-2 and has only played at the wide receiver position for the past couple seasons at Washington State, but he has the talent to be special.

If Pryor does make the 2015 Clevland Browns roster, it won’t be because the team plans on using him at quarterback, he proved his worth or that he can play position. He’ll make the team because the coaching staff believes they can develop his raw talent in a bonifide NFL caliber wide receiver.
And should he not make the Browns, some other team will pick Pryor up. Coming out of Ohio State in the 2011 NFL Supplemental draft, teams had considered drafting Pryor, as long as he was committed to changing his position to wide receiver. At the time, the Browns were one of those teams, but under different management and ownership.